Neelam P

The event was very well organized and had a lot of activities. It was also good to hear from people who had success from the past events. The volunteers had clearly put in a lot of effort to make this happen successfully; they were very friendly and helpful. There were people from all across the country, which got me access to meet more people. I am still very optimistic for only this event in the country and looking forward to giving it a try again."

Lehar & Sohil

After relentless persuasion by our parents to attend this event we finally made it and it actually worked for us.This is unlike any other speed dating experience you might have had before. Not only do you get to meet potential prospects in person, which helps a lot in today's virtual environment, but you also get to keep in touch with them after the event. We would highly recommend folks to come attend this event, overall it was a good experience"

Trupti D

The event in Tampa was a wonderful experience. It was a brilliantly organized event.

Anonymous Attendee

Very relaxed and events were well spaced out.

Kapil P

Good turn out, good ratio and well organized.

Praveen S.

The opportunity to meet people I would have not otherwise met, I appreciate your efforts, it is clear you guys have put in a lot of hard work.

Neha D

Not too much pressure, easy to interact & make friends, games were fun, and great age range.

Askash C.

First time so I did not have much expectations, but I will definitely like to come back.

Chahna T

the volunteer staff was amazing.

Anonymous Attendee

Warm and comforting environment

Anonymous Attendee

More chances to meet people one on one compared to other events.

Parth J

Laid back, low stress and optimistic

Anonymous Attendee

Nicely Organized and a lot of events.

Anand K.

Ice Breakers and team building activities were great