Shruti S

Very laid back, very positive staff, loved the Zumba session.

2018 attendee

Very relaxed and events were well spaced out.

Kapil P

Good turn out, good ratio and well organized.

Praveen S.

The opportunity to meet people I would have not otherwise met, I appreciate your efforts, it is clear you guys have put in a lot of hard work.

Neha D

Not too much pressure, easy to interact & make friends, games were fun, and great age range.

Askash C.

First time so I did not have much expectations, but I will definitely like to come back.

Chahna T

the volunteer staff was amazing.

2018 attendee

Warm and comforting environment

2018 attendee

More chances to meet people one on one compared to other events.

Parth J

Laid back, low stress and optimistic

2018 attendee

Nicely Organized and a lot of events.

Anand K.

Ice Breakers and team building activities were great