About us

Not like any other matrimonial event you have been to

We are a group of volunteers backed by Hindu Family Support Services (HFSS is a 501c3) based in the Tampa Bay area who had a vision to put together an event like no other in the matrimonial space.

We believe that our Indian culture, traditions and values are precious and should be held on to while at the same time give way to today’s times and modern life.

Websites and apps are wonderful tools but there is nothing like meeting people face to face in a fun and relaxed setting.

So we invite you to come and take a chance at finding love.

SMS at: (769) 241-0675   |   Email: hmusa@hfssusa.org


  • Malti Pandya
  • Devyani Desai
  • Nainan Desai

Our Leaders

  • Vijay Gandhi
  • Nila Patel
  • Leena Amin
  • Madhavan Rngarajan
  • Payal Patel
  • Neena Patel

Our team

  • Aditi Patidar
  • Chetna Patel
  • Daksha Jadeja
  • Harsha Pipalia
  • Jay Jadeja
  • K. Venkataram
  • Mahesh Modha
  • Manu Joshi
  • Mukesh Patel
  • Nanda Jagadish
  • Nayantara Swamy
  • Palak Shah
  • Pooja Pandya
  • Poonam Rangwala
  • Pree Patel
  • Richa Shah Sabesan
  • Shilpa Gandhi
  • Shilpa Modha