About Us

Unlike Any Other Matrimonial!

Hindu Matrimonial USA operates as a volunteer-driven, charitable non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID: 84-5082205) with a mission to assist singles from our community in finding their perfect life partners. Our services cater to individuals identifying as Hindu, Jain, and Sikh, aiming to facilitate their journey towards a happy-ever-after. What sets us apart from other matrimonial services is our comprehensive approach, combining in-person events, our unique App, and other innovative methods to help singles Meet, Connect, and Bond.

While the internet, websites, smartphone apps, video-conferencing, and social media are valuable tools for connecting people, nothing can replace the experience of meeting your partner face-to-face in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Hence, Hindu Matrimonial USA starts with an in-person meeting, paving the way for candidates to meet, connect, and continue their journey through our distinctive App.

We invite you to embark on your life partner search with Hindu Matrimonial USA. Whether you experience “Love at first Meet” or find love blossoming after meeting and connecting, we are here to support you in meeting, connecting, and bonding with your ideal life partner.

We look forward to seeing you at the Hindu Matrimonial USA event!

SMS at: (769) 241-0675   |   Email: FloridaHinduMatrimonial@gmail.com